Functional Textile: integrated functions for better performance

Functional textiles are textiles with integrated functions of controlling or adjusting according to its application area. Functions such as temperature control, humidity control etc. are such functions which are in build upon manufacturing. The basic and mostly used fibers in the functional textiles are viscose (rayon) and polyester fibers. Besides this, the demand for such functional textiles is majorly for the active and performance type of wear.

Functional textile can be broadly classified into four groups, based on their areas of functionality.

• Protective clothing

This includes functional garments that can provide the wearer protection from one or more hazards. These can include protection against mechanical impact, physical injury (cuts, bites, perforation and abrasion), drowning, heat/fire, extreme cold, rain, electric shock, radiation, invisibility and dangerous substances and infective agents.

• Sports-functional clothing

Functional garments in this section are used to enhance the functionality of sportspersons by providing a high level of breathability, moisture/vapor transfer, heat insulation, wind-proofing, water-proofing, and/or UV protection depending upon the sport and environment requirements.

• Medical-functional clothing

This section includes functionalities like absorbency, air permeability and durability based on the wearer and requirements. It includes functional garments used for healthcare or hygiene, surgical clothing, therapeutic clothing and intelligent functional clothing.

• Clothing for special needs

These functional garments are used to improve the quality or ease of life for people with disabilities or special needs, like wheelchair users, paraplegics, arthritis sufferers, people with restricted movement or stroke victims. These garments are mostly made-to-measure to ensure individual need fulfillment and comfort for the wearer.

Apart from the above-mentioned classifications, there are body shaping, contouring and support apparel to enhance wearer’s appearance, and cross-Functional Assemblies offering multifunctional performance, life support, protection, communication, and comfort also belong to functional apparel section of technical textiles.

Cluster LATIA Export Development is developing an apparel and textile product line to represent itself in foreign countries. The uniting factor of the products will be keywords: sustainable, functional, ergonomic. All 10 members-companies of the cluster each presenting their production with a certain product. All companies have different profile and different production, thus their products varying widely. Functionality is one of the key factors that companies are about to provide in their textile garments.

Production is targeted to reach major apparel and textile purchasers and buyers in key foreing countries in Europe, USA and China.

Companies, participating in the cluster are UAB „LTM Garments“, UAB „Sabalin”, Algirdo Valiuskio company, „Eustilija“, UAB  „Mittet“, UAB „Textilis“, UAB „Vitameda“, UAB „Šilta mada“, MB „Dizaino vėjas“, UAB „Kanta Sport“.