How each of us can contribute to sustainable fashion?

In today’s world, we constantly hear about the negative impact of the fast fashion industry. Second to oil, fashion and textile is the most polluting industry in the world. It can take more than 20,000 liters of water to produce 1kg of cotton, equivalent to a single t-shirt and pair of jeans. Whether we like it or not, our society is part of this industry and we have to act responsibly.

Cluster LATIA Export Development is aiming to tackle fast fashion trends by developing an apparel and textile product line to represent itself in foreign countries. The uniting factor of the products will be keywords: sustainable, functional and ergonomic. But what choices we, as customers, can make to live our lives in more sustainable ways?

Buy clothing and footwear from your local sustainable brands

Before shopping, do a little research. The number of brands that draw attention to their impact on the environment is growing rapidly. Lithuania is no exception. Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA) community stands for the principles of slow fashion as well as the cluster participants.

Take proper care of your clothes

Good care extends the lifespan of your garments. Proper clothing maintenance consists of a few simple habits. First, pay attention to care labels. Second, think twice before washing – there are plenty of ways to refresh clothes. If you must wash things, do it at low temperature. Another important note – get all your clothing in one space. Seeing everything you own prevents consumerism.

Choose sustainable fabrics

There isn’t exactly one “dream fabric” that will solve every problem but sustainable fabrics are often made from natural or recycled materials, aiming to reduce harm either through the production process, fiber properties, or overall environmental impact. Most common fabrics in today’s sustainable fashion are recycled cotton, organic hemp and organic linen.

Sometimes, sustainable fashion seems not affordable for a fast consumer but there are ways for everyone to make a change in their everyday life.