MB “Dizaino vėjas”, managing the “siLversands” brand: we started working more efficiently

Gintarė Jurašytė – Šukienė, head of MB “Dizaino vėjas”, which manages the “siLversands” brand, states that during the pandemic it was necessary to slow down the production processes and move in a more stable direction. During this period, the company monitored and analyzed the market and improved processes.

The pandemic taught us to work more efficiently

According to the head of the company, most of the partners also slowed down the processes, did not start new activities, which resulted in a decrease in sales of about 30 percent.

“The recent year has been much more difficult psychologically because there was a lot of uncertainty about the future. The market changed, there were no exhibitions, exports fell sharply, especially at a time when all clothing stores in many countries closed.

We are currently more active, but still more on standby – we are waiting for the market to stabilize so we can start implementing the ideas we have. If there are no new waves, we hope things will stabilize quickly and get back on track. We are already receiving inquiries with orders that we want to fulfill as soon as possible. Unfortunately, after quarantine, not all sewing companies are able to keep up with the orders and deliver them here and now”, – says G. Jurašytė – Šukienė.

According to her, the pandemic helped to adjust some of the company’s processes, to work with a smaller team, but more efficiently, more economically. In addition, more attention was given to online sales.

MB “Dizaino vėjas” could not receive state support during the quarantine because it did not meet the requirements set for companies. Among other things, it is gratifying that illness among the employees has been avoided.

The need for sustainable fashion has increased

The head of MB “Dizaino vėjas” states that after the pandemic, the need for ecological products, sustainable fashion, and the healthy lifestyle movement has greatly increased.

“When the opportunity to work from home arose, the style of clothing changed. We notice an increased demand for clothing for bicycling. Sportswear makes its way back to the top. Fashion analysts predict that such fashion trends will continue for three years, after which more refined clothing will be needed again. Linen products are also starting to be valued more. As Lithuanians, we can be proud of linen textiles”, – says G. Jurašytė – Šukienė.

According to her, more opportunities arose as some market players withdrew. Be that as it may, additional finances and a willingness to take risks are needed to take advantage of the situation.