Slow fashion – how it is beneficial?

While many people have heard about fast fashion, not everyone understands the opposite term of it which is called slow fashion. Slow fashion is a movement that focuses on sustainability and involves buying better quality textile products that will last longer. The term stands for human rights, animals and our Earth. People, who support slow fashion, are ethical and respect green values. They shop at the vintage stores or buy sustainable clothes from second – hands. But why does slow fashion is so beneficial and why should we support it?

Slow fashion is sustainable

Sustainability is the most important aspect while talking about slow fashion. Researcher, writer, and adviser in a field of sustainable fashion Xenya Cherny – Scanlon claims, that we are buying more textile products, but only using 1/5 of all clothes we own. Her advice is to think twice before buying cheap clothes from fast fashion stores. Often low priced garments are poor quality and wears out quickly. Globally, we waste about 92 million tons of textiles each year. This is why it is so important to buy high quality, sustainable material clothes. This way it will last longer and you will value it more.

Slow fashion stands for human rights

Charitable organization called Oxfam has made a research: “Power and poverty in the fashion industry“, and released the results in 2017. The statistic data shows, that in countries like Bangladesh an average just 2% of the price we pay of a piece of clothing goes towards factory wages. For equivalent it is 20 cents from a 10 dollar T-shirt. In Bangladesh minimum wage equates to 39 cents an hour. In Vietnam it is just 64 cents and in China 93cents. This shows us, that millions of people remain trapped in poverty and poor work conditions while working for big fast fashion companies. Slow fashion, on the other hand, helps to fight with injustice. It brings awareness and invites to buy clothes from small local brands or vintages stores.

Slow fashion creates clean environment

One of the most important things of slow fashion is that it helps to reduce pollution and waste. Cluster LATIA Export Development is also trying to develop a product line that is aiming for sustainability, functionality, and practicality. LATIA is seeking to diminish textile waste and pollution. By supporting projects like LATIA we can change fast fashion into slow and more sustainable. This way we can create clean environment, stand up for human rights and remain sustainable.

Slow fashion is very beneficial for people, nature and our planet. It is time to think globally and act locally.

Cluster LATIA is developing an apparel and textile product line that stands for sustainable, functional, ergonomic products. It is time to change the way we see fashion and support clusters like LATIA for a better and healthier tomorrow.