Success story: UAB “Sabalin“ great work helped to expand to foreign markets

UAB “Sabalin“ was established in 1998. The company started with the production of footwear. The manufactured products provided an opportunity to ensure the good name of the technologist and to choose orders at the company’s discretion both local and abroad.

UAB “Sabalin” communicated with the representatives of Great Britain and Finland, managed to start cooperating with the representatives of the Esprit brand. The production of fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories began to open the door to the German market. The company participated in international exhibitions in Düsseldorf, looked for representatives in this market and, step by step, entered the German market. UAB “Sabalin” turned to the market of  shoes for teenagers- sizes 31 to 42.

The company also worked with the Finnish and British markets where produced specially adapted products for the Finnish market – thicker soles, plastic, comfortable shoes.

UAB “Sabalin” recently been selling half of our exported goods under our own brand, Sabalin. The company wanted to expand, but it is unclear how this will be achieved in the times of COVID-19. According to the company representatives, the demand for sustainable fashion products – clothing, footwear – is growing, but COVID-19 is changing consumption patterns.