The importance of eco – friendly and sustainable textile

Years of human ignorance have diminished our natural resources and left a negative impact on our planet. People nowadays are trying to make an effort to treat our planet better. The textile industry is also becoming more and more environmentally conscious about the impact of materials used for their products. By going eco – friendly textile industry can reduce textile waste and make their products more sustainable.

To be sustainable, textile should be made from renewable materials. The eco–friendly textile is made from fabrics that are produced in an environmentally friendly way, without the use of chemicals and pesticides. This kind of textile is also resistant to mold and is disease-free. What is more, the eco–friendly textile is a great choice because nature gives us many choices: hemp, bamboo, linen, etc. Also, organic clothing will contribute to making our planet a better place to live.

By using organic fabrics and making sustainable products, companies are also being more ethical and environmentally aware. Also, they use fair trade and fair labor. This means that they create a safe work environment for the workers that they receive materials from. Moreover, they are “engaging in environmentally sustainable practices, making sure that product quality is maintained, honoring cultural identity and leaving a great impact on the environment.

According to Andrew Winston in his book „Green to Gold” being eco–friendly builds brand loyalty, improves corporate reputation, and is profitable, too. Despite all this, it also helps to reduce air and water pollution and the eco factor helps to create sustainable and functional products that are very important in this day and age.

The fashion and textile worlds are showing enormous growth in the field of eco–friendly clothes and accessories. The textile industry is targeting organic clothing rather than synthetic or fiber clothes that put a lot of pressure on nature.

Cluster LATIA Export Development is trying to develop a product line that is also eco–friendly and sustainable. Cluster members know how important ecology is in the textile industry and they are trying to incorporate it into their products. All of their products are functional and practical, they are aiming for eco-sustainable development and have the eco – friendly world. All of their products are going to be represented in different countries and will show the world the importance of eco–friendly textile.