Newsletter – Visual Merchandising

2013 06 01

VM-TEXTRANSF project is born from the need for 4 European regions (Galicia in Spain, Attica in Greece, Adana in Turkey, Lithuania) of high-skilled workers about retail visual marketing and, in particular, visual merchandising in the textile sector. Two of those regions (Galicia and Attica) are characterized by a traditional and relevant textile sector that needs to move from a production-focused model to another one fostering distribution and commercialization. The other two regions (Adana and Lithuania) present an increasing textile sector whose companies are starting to develop their brands and open their own shops, for that reason need to improve their retail marketing strategies. Unfortunately, in all those regions there is a deficit of quality vocational training offer in the field of visual merchandising.

Aim of project
By transferring innovative training methodologies and contents about visual merchandising to European regions with reduced training offer in that field (Galicia in Spain, Attica in Greece, Adana in Turkey, Lithuania).

Project tasks
• increase professional skills about visual marketing in the textile sector of the above-mentioned regions;
• contribute to spread a new professional profile in that regions (expert about visual merchandising for the textile sector);
• increase the quality and accessibility of vocational training offer in the textile sector;
• the project will contribute to increase employability in the textile sector, helping in this way to reduce the effect produced by the economic crisis;